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Product Spotlight: Zip-Up Hoodies

What Makes Our Zip-Up Sweatshirt Different

Unique, Vibrant Colors

We understand the importance of perennial staple pieces. Specifically, classic, seasonless hues whose versatility expresses longevity. Classic, neutral tones have gone from being the foundation of the palette to some of the most significant on-trend colors of our time, reflecting the changing attitudes of the design industries towards the use of color. The zip-up hoodie colors that we offer at Original Favorites were designed to be timeless yet unique additions. Having always existed within palettes, neutrals have always been commercially important as a part of palette creation. Examples of neutral colors that we offer include Black, Natural, Slate, Ash Heather, Heather Grey, and Ocean Navy. These are colors are considered staples and are built to be strong versions of these known classics, such as black zip-up hoodies

Equally as important to an apparel line’s staple colors are the unique color options as well. Colors that aren’t as quickly identified or familiar create emotion and inspire creativity. Pastel colors such as Lavender, Salmon, Seafoam, and Cloudy Blue elicit feelings of serenity or remind one of nature. Darker, jewel-toned colors such as Oxblood, Bayberry, and Military Olive are rich and jewel-tone inspired. Prominent versions of the most classic colors can be seen in our Mustard, French Blue, and Primary Red colorways. Our design team uses their experience in the fashion industry to create colors that complement and morph to create unique and high-end experiences. 


“It is the best possible sign of a color when nobody who sees it knows what to call it”

-John Ruskin, 1859

With the conversation of color selection comes the topic of dyes used. We have strategically chosen to use non-toxic dyes for our products. All of our Zip-Up hoodies are OEKO-TEX certified. This means no part of the garment, including the dyes used, contains anything harmful to either environmental or human health. We do this for peace of mind, for both us and our clients. Our goal is to have products that are not only guilt-free, but products one is proud to own. You can see this goal executed by the transparent supply chain that we have meticulously crafted to meet our morals and expectations.


organic cotton

400gsm Heavyweight Organic Cotton

What is GSM in Reference to Fabric? 

GSM is a common term in the apparel industry. It stands for grams per square meter, g/m². The GSM metric is used to measure thickness, and therefore inadvertently the weight of different types of fabrics made from the same material. This is an important metric because fabrics can be cut in different dimensions; GSM measures the mass per surface area, creating a true standard of measurement that can be compared across different fabrics. This helps the industry be able to compare different weights of fabrics that are made of the same material.


400gsm Zip-Up Hoodies 

Fabric GSM is directly proportional to the thickness of the fabric. As the value of GSM increases, the thickness increases as well. Sadly, since the tools used to measure GSM are not widely available to the general public the garment industry can be guilty of misrepresenting this number on purpose. Many clothing companies claim inflated GSM numbers because they know it is difficult for end-users to validate and they believe it will make the garment seem more luxurious. Others don't understand the term GSM and take the weight of the entire garment and convert it into grams per square meter. This is inaccurate and not equivalent to the fabric weight in GSM.

GSM is an important differentiator of a quality garment because it can be directly compared to others. But all too often brands will use GSM as their selling point to cover up their use of inferior cotton or knitting techniques. The end result is a rough, cheap feeling, dry hand with excessive exterior fuzz on the sweats.

Original Favorites sells 400gsm organic cotton fleece because of its softness and durability; both of which are difficult to achieve simultaneously.  Our 400gsm organic cotton heavy blend zip-up is so exceptional, it feels like a jacket but is comfortable like a hoodie. Our full zip hoodie collection is made from our 400 GSM organic cotton and the quality is unmatched.


organic cotton

A Better Zipper Design

We built Original Favorites around the concept that extraordinary raw materials are the basis for a world-class garment. This means down to every detail we have crafted our full zip hooded sweatshirt to be immaculate down to every last component. YKK was started in Japan by Tadao Yoshida, and 80 years later, their vertically-integrated operation manufactures every component used in their zippers - giving them complete quality control over the final product. Due to their dedication and them being a veteran of the industry they are the most trusted zipper manufacturer globally. For this reason, we only use official YKK zippers on our Zip-Up Hoodie style sweatshirts.


Designed with Our Customers in Mind

In addition to providing a high-quality option for the essential zip-up hooded sweatshirt,  it was important that the design remained fully customizable for our clients. Our tear-away labels give our customers full creative freedom with their own branding by allowing them to easily remove tags and add their own.  The benefits of using high-quality materials mean that the results from printing or embroidery are exceptional, and the finished garment maintains its luxury. 

When looking for wholesale blanks, we aim to be the best option for our clients. One way we do this is by offering wholesale pricing through a cumulative pricing system. This means the more a customer orders a style, the per unit price they receive will also decrease. We have different cumulative price tiers on all of our different styles, meaning the more crewnecks you buy, the closer you are to lower pricing on crewnecks. This pricing model was designed to support growing start-ups and established businesses who both seek luxury, sustainable garments. 


Sustainable Supply Chain 

All Original Favorites products are made sustainably and with impeccable production methods. Our zip-ups are no exception. Just as with other outerwear essentials, the industry is filled with cheap and low-quality options. We produce sustainable blanks so that we are apart of change for the better and to give consumers a luxury, eco-friendly alternative. We provide complete transparency into our supply chain all the way from our farming methods to our garment production. Without transparency, many apparel companies use the power of ambiguous words such as ‘organic’ without any base. Choosing sustainable zip-ups is choosing to be part of the change for better with us and working within the apparel industry to make it better as a whole.


organic cotton


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Get Started with a Wholesale Account

All of our clients at Original Favorites get started with a wholesale account. As a wholesale client, you can shop for as low as one t-shirt and receive wholesale pricing. All of our clients can take advantage of our cumulative pricing system. Once you apply for a wholesale account, you’ll be approved within the hour and can become a member as soon as possible!

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