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Our Favorite Sustainability Websites Right Now

Since we’ve started Original Favorites, we wanted our years of experience in the apparel industry to be a resource for good. Changing the apparel industry’s standards is imperative to creating a more sustainable world. Change starts with education and if the majority of consumers had access to verifiable facts, big corporations would be held more accountable. It is up to the consumer to stop to accepting false claims like ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘organic’ when no evidence is there to back up these claims. 

Being a part of a better solution in the fashion industry means we have to educate ourselves first. We always want to have the most up-to-date knowledge about sustainability efforts and metrics around the world. We are dedicated to educating ourselves so we can be a resource for our customers. Throughout the years, we have come across many educational websites, some of which we have continuously gone back to. We want to provide our readers with resources to be able to find other sustainable companies dedicated to eco-friendly practices. Below is a condensed list of our favorite sustainability-driven websites for you to use as a resource.


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Tree Hugger

What we love about Tree Hugger is that they are extremely well-versed in sustainable choices when it comes to a variety of industries. On top of being very knowledgeable, they welcome all types of people interested in sustainability. They provide their information with the hopes that no matter where you fall on the environmental spectrum, you are still learning correct and helpful information. From choosing a better skincare routine to learning more about sustainable fashion, Tree Hugger is one of our favorite resources.


The Good Trade

The Good Trade is a wholesome resource that encourages people to live an intentional life. With this comes a lot of thoughtful sustainability tips. The Good Trade provides factual evidence but communicates it in a familiar and approachable way. They regularly add articles about sustainable options & alternatives when it comes to consumerism. They care about their readers being knowledgeable and well-informed to make better, more intentional consumer decisions moving forward. The articles on The Good Trade, are some of the most easy yet informative platforms we refer to. 


Sustainably Kind Living

What makes a great resource is when there are clear subject divisions. What we love about Sustainably Kind Living is that they dedicate a whole category to sustainable fashion and fabrics. We love their dedication to educating their readers on different fabrics and how they impact the environment. 


Forage and Sustain

Referring to Forage and Sustain is a great tool for businesses and consumers that value honesty and transparency. They create their content for everyone in hopes to educate and impact all of their readers. The goal for Forage and Sustain is to have educational efforts that will positively impact their readers.


The Honest Consumer

The Honest Consumer is another great resource because they provide readers with brands that implement sustainable practices. From shoes to swimwear they cover most of the fashion industry. They provide real solutions to consumerism habits that are not going away. Check out The Honest Consumer if you want to know the best companies to buy better apparel products from. 


Conscious Life and Style

A lot goes into making a good resource-driven website. Conscious Life and Style does a great job of being a well-rounded website based on ethical and eco-friendly choices. They gather resources to help their readers create intentional and purposeful lives that better themselves and the world around them. They include a fashion category as well as beauty, home, and much more. 


Thrifts and Tangles

Thrifts and Tangles want their readers to be the best version of themselves. They truly care about their readers and in providing helpful advice for them to get started. Education and positivity are powerful tools in making not only the world around us better, but us individually as well. This is why we love Thrifts and Tangles as a resource for us.

high quality blank hoodies

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