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Our Favorite Screen Printers Right Now

We understand that the majority of our garments are bought to customize with unique designs that provide a finished product for our clients. Since our blanks are not the final product, we want the work that goes into our garments to encourage longevity and utilize green methods and materials. We are familiar with the different types of screen printing or embroidery and can appreciate when good work is done. A majority of our business deals with screen printers directly; we gravitate toward decorators that do great work and have similar values. Teaming up with screen printers with these qualities allows us to encourage both of our customers to look for and follow through with products that are built with sustainable and good practices. 

Please contact them to discuss your needs. We have no affiliation with any of these decorators or relabelers; this is just an open directory for you to use.

Indy Ink

We have been familiar with Indy Ink for quite some time and have consistently seen amazing work. They offer plastisol inks, water-based inks, and discharge for water-based inks. Additional quality checks throughout their process, ensures they do a good job for their clients by overseeing each part of the process in printing. They make sure to put the clients and the garments first, which is what makes them a great screen printer to work with.

DTLA Print

Down in Los Angeles, DTLA Print not only provides great printing services but also commits itself to sustainability. They offer sustainability initiatives by pledging to plant a tree per order they receive. They pride themselves to be known for and trusted with curating durable and reliable prints and service.

Rocky Mountain Apparel

When looking for exceptional printing or embroidery, you cannot go wrong with Rocky Mountain Apparel. They have been in the printing industry for roughly 25 years and their experience shows. They offer some of the best services we’ve seen and their work is nothing short of the best. Rocky Mountain Apparel’s clients have ultimate trust in the production of their designs.

Superior Ink

With the high variety of services offered by Superior Ink, they are a great option for custom design services. In addition to their wide offerings, they have committed themselves to sustainable practices throughout their business. They started a green initiative called AllMade and have saved over 59,000 kilograms of CO2 to date. We love referring people that share our eco-friendly priorities to our friends at Superior Ink for great custom design work that you are proud to wear.

Jurassic Prints

At Jurassic Prints, they combine their screen printing expertise with their design knowledge to provide a well-rounded experience. This is a great option for our customers in Arizona. They are open about their practices and make sure their clients are taken care of. We have consistently seen good work from them and know they are a great option when it comes to looking for screen printers.

Blank Canvas Custom

This locally-owned Hawaiian print shop is a great option when looking for a good print job on this secluded island. They do a great job of the typical print job and custom pieces such as tote bags and other unique items that one might one to be printed on. They offer digital print, screening, and vinyl prints. Their digital platform is easy to use and their services are unbeatable. We have seen nothing but great work from them and want them to be an easily accessible resource for people looking to print in Hawaii.


ethical t shirt suppliers


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