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Brand Profile: Canary Marketing's Journey to Carbon Neutrality



Given the fragile state of our environment, it is crucial to take steps towards a sustainable future. One-way companies are minimizing their impact on our planet is by working towards carbon neutrality. When a business is carbon neutral, it means they annually calculate, cancel out, and continuously decrease their carbon footprint - or the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions. Our client, Canary Marketinga California-based gifting agency, has neutralized its footprint and is piloting multiple initiatives to make their effect on the climate a positive one. In 2021, Canary began partnering with the non-profit organization Climate Neutral to meticulously measure their carbon levels and identify areas where emissions cuts are needed most. 

Climate Neutral has a three-step process to help companies become carbon neutral. First, they measure the greenhouse gases that a business created in the past year. This data collection is a company-wide effort with required information ranging from purchased products to employee commute methods to nitty-gritty shipments details. Acquiring this data can take months to ensure that no ton of carbon is left behind.  

Next, Climate Neutral offsets or neutralizes that brand’s carbon footprint. To do this, companies purchase the same number of carbon offsets as the number of carbon tons in their footprint. Carbon offsets are projects that either absorb greenhouse gases from our atmosphere or prevent them from ever being emitted. Some examples include planting trees that soak up carbon or replacing a coal-burning power plant with a solar farm. Not only do these programs benefit surrounding ecosystems, but they can also majorly increase the quality of life in nearby communities by offering economic opportunities and improved health. 

To finish off the process, brands set targets to further shrink their climate impact. After reviewing their highest sources of emissions, Canary formally pledged to choose more energy-efficient shipping methods and increase their portfolio of eco-friendly packaging alternatives. But reduction initiatives don’t stop there. Canary also decreases their footprint by opting for recyclable & compostable products, and by seeking out sustainable partners like Original Favorites. They are also committed to the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTI) to shrink their total emissions by 50% by 2030. By looking for ways big and small to cut carbon, from going carbon neutral to shipping Ground instead of Express, any business can pitch in to protect our planet. 

It has been an amazing opportunity to work with a client like Canary Marketing, as they share our values and commitment to the environment. Sharing core values has made this relationship blossom into a team that helps implement real sustainable solutions in the world. 



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