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Website Upgrades

When longtime friend of the brand Mackey Saturday designed the Original Favorites logo, he did so with expansion in mind. Former Mackey Saturday partner and fellow friend, Studio Mast took on the challenge of updating our standards and visual communication - you may have noticed the beginning of this on our website and email communication.

Over the next year all of our touch points will reflect these updated standards as we work our way through the entirety of our visual presence. These changes included a new type hierarchy and a refinement of our color palette. 




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We have been working on these updates for some time now and look forward to your feedback. This is just the beginning as we will continue to focus on offering the most seamless digital experience for our clients. These changes were designed with you in mind and based on our commitment to creating an industry-leading digital experience. Let us know what you think of the new changes.

It was essential that the upgrades maintained everything that was authentic and familiar, while creating a logotype that was more refined, durable, and further positioned the brand for the future. We not only updated logotypes and visual language, the entire functionality of our website has been upgraded as well.  


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Everything we do at Original Favorites is done with the customer in mind, first. We want the experience client’s have with our digital interface to reflect the exceptional quality and service they will receive. 


Quick Buy Grid

We now offer an easier way to checkout on our website. Introducing our Quick Buy Grid

Simply login to your account, and view every product we offer right on your account dashboard along with the live inventory. You can simply type in the quantity of each size in a specific color you would like and add it to your cart. 



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Mobile Friendly

One of the key initiatives with this project was to design our "Quick Buy" feature from a mobile-first perspective. Buying bulk wholesale products from a desktop has always been fairly straight forward. But buying bulk wholesale products on a phone has historically been difficult and clunky. This is no longer the case.



high quality blank hoodies
high quality blank hoodies





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