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Product Spotlight: Cloudy Blue 400gsm Fleece

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“There is no better designer than nature." - Alexander McQueen


Design inspired by nature has been found to be some of the best design work out there. As said by Alexander Mcqueen, “There is no better designer than nature." There are iconic pieces in the design world that have been inspired by nature. To name one of the most influential designs, ‘Fallingwater’ by Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright has been praised over this incredibly successful design that is both integrated into nature while also being designed to mimic it. Another great example of nature influencing successful design is the CH24 Wishbone Chair by Hans J. Wegner. Designed back in 1949, this organic approach to design has proven to be a timeless and celebrated piece in the furniture world. Used with natural materials as well, his natural outlook on design has been shown to be an inspiration in the design world. These are just some of the examples of nature inspiring great design.



In the fashion industry, nature-inspired colorways are proving to be more successful than the loud and digitally curated colors we have normalized. This is due to the familiarity and versatility of the natural colors. As colors have been known to influence our mood, tones inspired from the earth give us a feeling of warmth and comfort. In addition to the feelings earth tones evoke, the gaining popularity of these also comes from the way it supports genderless and sustainable fashion. These are examples of ways that an earth tone, such as Cloudy Blue, can be a successful and timeless option in one’s wardrobe.

Cloudy Blue is a distinct color from nature. It brings everyone together over the familiar and calming feeling, being under a cloudy blue sky. It is a color we all know well and being able to match that color in fabric seems to evoke a certain familiarity in people. This ability to connect materials with nature is special and creates a certain harmony between the two. We consider nature our biggest inspiration, and it inspires and provides the our raw materials as the starting point for all of our garments. We have curated the perfect color to portray the feeling of a cloudy blue sky that is serene, nostalgic, and comforting to the eye. Not only is it a beautiful color, but it is a versatile one. The muted take on a natural blue makes the color one that works well with others and can be a refreshing addition. 


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