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high quality blank hoodies wholesale

Product Spotlight: Camel 400gsm Fleece


high quality blank hoodies wholesale


Camel has a long history in the fashion industry, although it wasn’t an official color until 1951. Garments made from camel wool have been used and documented since biblical times. In the early 20th century, the material was finally named a color, which meant that garments could carry this color’s versatility without necessarily being made out of camel wool material. Camel and camel wool garments have always been highly adaptable.


From formalwear to workwear, a camel garment in any form is a tried-and-true wardrobe staple. As a neutral tone, camel works in both professional and casual environments; and unlike most colors, can be worn from head to toe as tonal separates or basics. The striking and warm tonality can empower a season’s color story; it can tell a vintage story, while also feeling grounded and classic. Or camel can feel contemporary, acclimating toward colder and modern surroundings.


We can't help but love the classic & vintage feel of Lauren Hutton in a 1968 Vogue pattern catalog below.


high quality blank hoodies wholesalehigh quality blank hoodies wholesale


As we consistently expand our color options, we meticulously choose what we consider to be strong colors that will contribute to our client’s product assortments in a meaningful way. Camel gives the feeling of a warm, earth tone that brings depth and richness to our products. Its versatility allows it to mix and match seamlessly with many of our other color options. It brings out a feeling of comfort and calmness in its all-encompassing tonality. 

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