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high quality blank hoodies

Here to Help: Client Assets

At Original Favorites, we have a phrase you will hear us reference often -

"Use us as a resource."

 We have plenty of experience in the apparel industry to share and we love sharing it. So let's start by giving you some professional photos of our products for your website.

high quality blank hoodies
We've created a Client Asset Page on our website, located under the Resources tab, that allows you, our client, to access our own professional imagery for your website. Organized by product, you can access photos for each individual garment as well as some stylized photos. You can drop your logos on our garments and use them on your website for e-commerce, social, to test out design layouts, etc.
high quality blank hoodies
One of the challenges facing companies today is around how to create a digital experience that matches their in-person experience. E-Commerce can be a tricky business and one of the most common challenges we see tends to be around product photography. When it is good, it's immediately noticeable and properly reflects the care and attention that went into your products. When it isn't good, it is even more noticeable unfortunately - and the vast majority of product imagery online tends to fall in this category.
high quality blank hoodies
This is a new section for us and one that we will be constantly updating. If there is something you don't see that you are looking for, we are likely working on it. But as always, feel free to email us with any suggestions you have for us to consider. 
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