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Eco-Friendly Manufacturing for Your Clothing Line

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing for Your Clothing Line

As a luxury blank provider, our goal is to connect with an audience of companies looking to grow their own retail clothing line while prioritizing eco-friendly practices and lowering their carbon footprints. With the reality of the environmental and social impact the clothing industry currently has on the planet, it is no longer an option not to incorporate sustainable practices. The most uncompromising factor when designing organic apparel is maintaining quality. We want to provide our clients with pieces designed with the same sustainable values as their business. We serve our clients by providing the best wholesale, eco-friendly blank t-shirts and fleece garments in the industry.

Elevate Your Brand with Organic Cotton Blanks

Starting one’s clothing line offers countless options for customization. However, with customization comes decisions and the responsibility of prioritizing quality. Beginning the process with sustainable blanks means our clients can achieve the quality they feel and a supply chain they can trust. When looking to elevate your clothing brand,  you must consider where you are sourcing your organic blank t-shirts and the certifications. This applies to all garments, from plain organic cotton t-shirts to fleece sweatshirts and sweatpants.

Choosing an Eco-Friendly Apparel Supplier

It can be difficult to source an eco-friendly apparel supplier for your clothing brand. Understanding critical differentiators between face-value “eco-friendly” t-shirt companies and companies that genuinely implement sustainable practices are crucial. Certifications such as GOTS, OCS, Supima®, and OEKO-TEX are the only way to verify if a company has the qualifications that adhere to sustainable standards. The GOTS Organic certification is one of the world’s best organic certifications and analyzes a company’s entire supply chain. GOTS takes the standards from Organic Cotton Standard (OCS) and includes additional qualifications to ensure the product's sustainability even more.  Supima® Cotton is also a significant differentiating factor as the highest grade of cotton available globally, and Supima® must license companies to use their cotton. OEKO-TEX is the most trusted certification for testing all parts of a garment against traces of harmful substances for humans and the environment. Original Favorites is GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified and licensed by Supima® to produce our garments to verify our commitment to the best supply chain practices are being used with the best cotton available to build our garments.


Creating a Sustainable and Ethical Clothing Industry

When looking at the fashion industry, the gruesome impacts are hard to ignore. Fast fashion is creating devastating effects on the environment. We choose to be a part of the solution; if everyone picks irresponsible production, it can accelerate the climate to an irreparable point. We focus our production platform on providing ethical tees made by partners we know and trust.  By providing sustainable wholesale t-shirts and organic sweatshirts at wholesale options, we hope to encourage positive change together as we work with our clients to offer eco-friendly wholesale blanks.


Original Favorites' Dedication to Sustainability

At Original Favorites, being dedicated to sustainable and ethical practices means incorporating them into all of our decisions. By obtaining third-party verified certifications such as GOTS and Supima®, we separate ourselves from the other companies that use the word ‘organic’ to create the illusion of a sustainable choice. We pride ourselves on a transparent supply chain backed by official sustainable qualifications to provide our customers with trust and assurance.

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