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Building a Brand with Luxury Streetwear Blanks

Why Choose Original Favorites for Your Streetwear Brand?

Curating a streetwear brand comes with a lot of decisions,  from the design choices to the type of garments used. Choosing between the vast variety of blanks available can be daunting and the choice between cost and quality comes into question. For many startup streetwear brands, quality is the priority. Starting with a high-quality blank is the first step in creating a luxury streetwear brand. A premium blank as a luxury garment essential will differentiate your brand both in product leadership and customer experience.

From a customer experience standpoint, quality fabric is the most noticeable difference for a brand, especially when compared to generic fabric. It is the first thing a customer will notice and one of the few reasons a customer will return.  Choosing luxury blank t-shirts is an easy decision for a company that wants to provide quality clothing as part of their brand. Original Favorites goal is to provide luxury streetwear blanks at a wholesale level for both startup and established brands. We hope to remove the barrier to entry in a luxury market to let a streetwear brand tell their own design story.

Blanks Made for Luxury Streetwear Brands

T Shirt Blanks

We have created the best t-shirt blanks for streetwear through careful and conscious production choices. We provide 6 oz. SUPIMA® cotton t-shirts that are made of ELS (Extra Long Staple) American Grown SUPIMA® Cotton. This cotton makes up less than 1% of the cotton grown globally. Original Favorites is known for making blank tees with a soft and smooth hand feel that is unmatched by anyone. Our quality t-shirts are made for shirt brands that require a premium material necessary for exceptional printing results that aren’t attainable on generic options.

Hoodie Blanks

Original Favorites luxury blank hoodies are made with the intention of being an eco-friendly hoodie available at wholesale prices. Our certified organic, ultra-soft cotton fleece has a cozy brushed interior that includes a reverse flatlock stitched and features 4" wide double-folded, flat-knit side ribbing for added flexibility. This is an exceptionally high-quality and comfortable version of hooded sweatshirts that is made for the best experience in a garment meant for daily wear. Choosing our luxury, long sleeve, hooded sweatshirts is a step in the right direction when creating a trusted, luxury brand.

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Sweatpant Blanks

To find the best blanks for streetwear, looking at the design and material profile of a garment is imperative when discerning between luxury blank sweatpants from a generic option.  When it comes to providing blank apparel, we pride ourselves on being the top choice for wholesale high end sweatpants that are made for both men and women. Our ultra-soft cotton fleece with a cozy brushed interior is cut in a standard fit with a flat-knit gusset for added flexibility and reverse flatlock stitching that ensures high durability while maintaining a comfortable feel for the consumer.



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Building a Relationship with Brands

At Original Favorites our work does not end at selling luxury blank garments. We like to build close relationships to ensure an ongoing understanding of our client’s needs. Streetwear brands are sweeping the clothing industry as a new innovative way to express individual design voices; our goal is to service these voices with an unprecedented customer experience. From providing the best quality wholesale blanks around to having a customer service experience that makes our customers understand the mutual and reliable relationship between us and their brand.
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