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Client Spotlight: Topo Designs

We love working with fast-growing startup brands, for many reasons...

But one of the most rewarding reasons is the excitement of supporting a brand on a trajectory without knowing where it could lead. 

Having a chance to watch Topo Designs creative process take shape and the attention put into creating great products is something that will always fuel us. Topo Designs is a brand that we have watched develop from our hometown here in Denver into a household name in the outdoor world that is here to stay. The two founders started this journey in 2008 inspired by the type of gear they grew up using in the outdoors—products with classic styling, functionality, durability and a clear connection with the brand behind the product. What they have built in the last 10 years is a brand with inclusive and inspiring products rooted in undeniably in that classic design.

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Product Design

Arguably their most iconic product is a backpack, referred to as the 'Klettersack'. Steeped in colorful nostalgia with modern functionality, this product is emblematic of the range Topo has. From packable down jackets to travel luggage, their items have a way of bridging past, present, and future while providing brand stability that you know will last. While brick and mortar stores are closing at a rapid rate, Topo Designs has countered with growth supporting four retail  stores with no signs of slowing down. With presence in stores everywhere between New York and San Francisco, Japan, Europe, and Australia it has been fun watching our Denver neighbors grow.

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MAP Pact

Topo Designs has something called the MAP Pact: an initiative designed to ensure the simple concept to maintain, act, and protect communities. Their values of sustainability and integrity is communicated throughout the brand, and what makes them a phenomenal partner to work with. For those of you in the early stage of your own brand, Topo is an example of what can happen when you create something meaningful. When a brand has authenticity built into its ethos- the products transcend a market segment and speak for themselves. Simple, classic, well-designed products that are inspired by people and places. We have enjoyed working with them and look forward to the years to come.

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