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Belt Printing

What is Belt Printing?

Belt printing is a method for screen printing that has been around for 20 years. It is a specific method within the garment printing world. One can make a custom design and use belt printing as a method to produce that design onto a garment such as a sweatshirt or a t-shirt. There are many different types of screen printing and belt printing is one of the great options.

How it Works

Belt printing is a screen printing process that occurs on a conveyor belt in a single line. The garment will go through the belt conveyor and be stopped at stations that execute different processes. In terms of overall printing, this process is a good option for off-edge printing because it can print on seams. This makes it ideal for designs that are large and cover more surface area than just the smooth areas of the garment.

sustainable printing

How is Belt Printing Different From Standard Screen Printing?

The main differentiator between belt printing and standard screen printing is how the t-shirt is moved through the process, as well as the machine’s coverage. Most t-shirt printing equipment transfers the garment to a table with different print heads for different colors. Belt printing allows for a greater garment surface area to be printed on due to its easy maneuverability and lightweight technology. This all-over printing look has become increasingly popular and belt printing has made this an easy goal to achieve. However, now with the availability of direct-to-garment (DTG) printing, a lot of people are gravitating towards that option due to its advanced technology and greater quantity-producing capabilities.

Types of All Over Prints

One Color

Belt printers work best with a limited amount of color variation. So when working with belt printers, it is wise to consider having very limited colors for a print to maximize the efficiency and the quality of the print.


Due to its limitations of registration of colors and the number of colors allowed to print it is most likely you would be working with limited colors in a design if you’re going the belt printing route. While multi-color prints can be made with belt printers, it is advisable to limit one’s colors, but not a deal-breaker for the machine's capability.

Ensuring the Best All Over Print

Quality Apparel for Quality Prints

As always when looking at the apparel industry, there is a decision to be made when looking for apparel that can uphold a brand’s standards and values.  There will always be the option of cheap and low-quality apparel. Unfortunately, these lesser fibers and construction methods are highlighted once the items are printed on with inks. This can lead to printing defects like fading, cracking, etc. If the goal is to produce a high-quality product, it is imperative to start with luxury blanks. Our mission at Original Favorites is to provide our customers with a product that serves their customer base with the values they care about as they build their brand. Our Supima cotton t-shirts are made with 100% cotton make-up for high-quality print finishes because we start with the best fabric. With our certified organic cotton fleece, our apparel is constructed with our client’s needs in mind.


sustainable printing
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